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The Pros and Cons of Dummy and Real Security Cameras

Ever wondered which type of security camera would be ideal for securing your property? There are numerous reasons to protect our homes, and there are two major types of cameras that could offer this security- these are the dummy and real security cameras. Both can be beneficial, but they are not without their cons as well.

Dummy Security Cameras

Fake cameras have an array of pros when it comes to securing your home. Most of these gadgets have similar features like real ones without being anywhere close to the cost of an authentic one. They just take a minute to install since they require no wiring or power.

dummy camera

The Pros of Fake Surveillance Cameras

1. They intimidate like real cameras

2. They do not require professional installation

3. They have similar features as authentic cameras such as LED lighting, waterproof as well as realistic appearance.

4. No power is required

The Cons

1. Dummy cameras help intimidate burglars, but they don’t provide evidence in case a break-in occurs.

2. They cannot record any footage for reference.

Real Security Cameras

real camera

Securing your home with genuine surveillance cameras is one of the best ways of ascertaining safety in your home. There’s an array of features that you can take advantage of such as day and night vision, high-resolution footage, zoom, water resistance and others that will help you see what the cameras take. With the numerous benefits and features that these cameras have to offer, installing a real security camera can be time-consuming, and may require professional hands, but it is all worth it in the long run. When shopping for security cameras, it is important to consider your budget and well as preferences. A great online store is sistem camere supraveghere.

The Pros of Real Security Cameras

1. Have more and practical features compared to dummy cameras

2. They are small enough to be installed outdoors or indoors

3. These cameras provide real-time surveillance footage

4. Depending on the type of camera you choose, you can rotate up to 360 degrees, zoom, integrate motion sensors and even receive alerts on your phone when it detects a threat or an intruder.

5. These cameras ideally allow you to watch over your home through your laptop, monitor or even a smartphone.

The Cons

1. Go at a high cost compared to dummies

2. Take more time to install

3. May require professional installation

4. Requires a monitor if you want them for business premises or to easily see what the cameras see.

Both real and dummy security cameras are beneficial when it comes to providing security for your home. Fake surveillance cameras features and benefits are good enough to be used for short-term security. However, real security cameras, despite the higher cost, are the most viable option when it comes to safety. They are the most advantageous in the long run since they record and provide footage evidence when it comes to crime activities. Based on your budget and needs, you can decide to go with either dummy or real security cameras for securing your property.

Best Security Camera

Best Surveillance Cameras

We have created this comparison of the best security cameras for home to help you fully protect your property. There are indoor surveillance cameras and those used outside; this buying guide contains the top 5 devices and all the information you need to figure out what kind of device you need.